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Given the current talent shortages, it is essential to invest in new ways to source and select the right talent. The Talent Marketplace provides a pipeline of pre-qualified, skilled and compliant workers.  

The Talent Marketplace allows you to post your jobs to your community and share the job with your marketplace recruiters and sourcing partners. Applicants are ranked in your Candidate Pipelines to ensure you select the right person for the role. 

Partner with Recruiters and Sourcing Partners to source pre-screened and work-ready workers from the Talent Marketplace.

New ways to find your workforce

Graduate Talent Community

Our Education Partners provide pre-screened and work ready graduates.

Recruiter Talent Community

Add your own recruiters or partner with our recruiters to find your talent.

On-Demand Talent Network

Use real time On-Demand matching to find your perm and casual applicants today.

Contingent Workforce Network

Access our contractor and contingent workforce with integrated pay/bill services.

talent marketplace


Find and match pre-screened candidates

The Talent Marketplace has candidates from educational institutions, recruiters and sourcing partners. Employers select their own partners to find candidates. Placement fees apply to recruiter and graduate candidates.  

When posting jobs to the Talent Marketplace, pre-screened and job-ready candidates are featured in On-Demand Portals or selected applicants in Candidate Orders. 

The Talent Marketplace can provide permanent, casual, contractor and On-Demand talent for your business and reduce your recruitment and onboarding costs.


Find staff in Graduate Talent Communities

The Talent Marketplace features selected universities and training organisations to allow employers to find matched graduates, students and alumni from our partners.

The talent communities feature pre-screened candidate pipelines of students, graduates and trainees seeking work and placements. 

Our employers can search our On-Demand Graduate Talent Pools for their ideal candidate and place them in their roles for around the same cost as a job advertisement. 

Graduate Talent Marketplace


Leverage and customise our Recruiter Network

The Recruiter Network is a key component of the Talent Marketplace. Selected recruiters are members of the network and they provide sector-specific candidates to our clients.

Our recruiters pre-screen and profile their applicants to ensure that they provide the right person for your role. The list of applicants appear in ranked Candidate Pipelines and Talent Pools.

Customers have the option to select recruiters in our marketplace and/or add their own recruiters to the marketplace to streamline the selection, shortlisting and placement of applicants. 

The fees and services for each recruiter are displayed in the marketplace and you can engage a group of recruiters alongside your sourcing partners to find talent for your business.


Find workers instantly in On-Demand Portals

The PowerHouse Talent Marketplace offers a managed service in sourcing and managing your permanent, casual, freelancer and Gig economy workforce. 

We offer sector-specific searchable On-Demand Talent Portals to help your source the candidate in real-time with a range of filters including salary, availability, compliance, job skills, location and name.

You can insource and manager your freelancers, add them to your payroll, pre-screen and onboard the workers as part of the managed service. 

We also offer an outsourced workforce solution which includes provision of the right talent on a managed payroll and bill management service.


Apps for workers, recruiters & clients

The PowerHouse Talent Marketplace offers a range of web apps to streamline recruitment and workforce processes for workers, recruiters and clients. 

Employers can post jobs to job boards, raise job orders, post jobs, accept and reject, shortlist, create job match scores and apply job role pre-screening workflows to help rank and select candidates.

Job seekers can search jobs, view the job details and apply online by uploading their CVs and completing job role pre-screening. Candidates can add the expected salaries, list their availability and upload licenses, police and visa checks, vaccination certifications and credentials. All date is uploaded to personal workforce wallets. 


Let us manage your contractor workforce

As part of our Talent Marketplace, we can offer pre-screened and work-ready contractors in our Contingent Workforce Talent Pools.

After subscribing to the Contingent Talent Pool, your hiring managers can post a job for a contractor to your public talent pools, your job boards and our public pools. All candidates are streamed into one location to streamline your hiring processes.

Through our talent community partner network we can provide compliant contractors ready for work that can be added to your payroll and rostering systems. In addition we can provide payroll and billing services for your contractors.

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