Communities to Source and Profile Candidates

Powerhouse Workforce manages the build of your customised Talent Communities with targeted talent pools to source candidates. Post jobs to specific locations and share on Job Boards.

Empower your PowerHouse Community with a subscription to our Talent Marketplace to help you find pre-screened and job-ready candidates for every job.

New ways to source your candidates with your own targeted Talent Communities to pre-screen applicants in talent pools.

New Ways To Find Your Talent

Workforce Wallets

Pre-screen your candidates in Talent Pools to view job skills and compliance data.

Targeted Talent

Create Talent Communities to source candidates in your locations and job roles.

Post Jobs with Frameworks

Custom job match and job profiling with frameworks linked to Job Posts.

Join the Talent Marketplace

Source our pre-screened and job-ready candidates from our Talent Marketplace

health sector sourcing community


Build your targeted Talent Communities

Change the way you source your people by building web-enabled Talent Communities that target the regions to build your workforce. 

Each community features your own talent sourcing structure of unique talent pools linked to job posts. As candidates apply for jobs, they are pre-screened and profiled in dynamic Talent Pipelines.  

Create sub-pools, linked to your talent pools to promote multiple job roles in a single location.

Post a single job to your Talent Communities, your current Job Boards and recruiters and stream in candidates in a single pipeline for the job role.

In your Talent Communities you can post jobs for current opportunities and you can build your future workforce with Register for Work Job Posts. This allows candidates to continuously register for a job role in your business in proactive internal Talent Pools.   


Post Jobs in your Talent Communities

The PowerHouse Communities feature Job Posts and Work Registry Posts to manage your current and future workforce.

Posts are automatically published with linked talent pools in targeted sections of your Talent Communities.

Candidates apply and CVs are uploaded to their Workforce Wallets and Candidate Pipelines. Job Role Frameworks allow candidates to complete pre-screening in their application.

post jobs to communities
Talent Communities


Post Future Jobs in Public Talent Pools

In addition to posting current jobs, you can build proactive  talent pools by allowing people in your targeted communities (i.e., sector, region, industry, internal business unit) to register against a future or ongoing job profile.

Posting Future Jobs in your Public Talent Pools allows candidates to upload their CVs and complete pre-screening to qualify applicants in your pools.  

Add a web-enabled Public Talent Pool for each of your job roles in each of your recruitment targets. 

Your hiring managers have immediate access to all talent across your business. Talent Pools can be searched and current staff and candidates with required skills, compliance and experience can be discovered instantly.


Discover talent with Internal Talent Pools

PowerHouse Workforce features the ability to build internal Talent Pools to manage your existing and prospective workforce.

Posting Jobs to your internal Talent Pools automatically discovers talent in your team with real-time job matching. 

You can fill your private talent pools with targeted job ads to cater for future talent needs. The software managers permissions from candidates to store their CVs to be assessed against future jobs.

Internal talent pools


Tag Job Frameworks to your Job Posts

The PowerHouse Workforce builds a framework for every job role in your business. A Framework features the core skills, compliance and credential uploads required to perform the role. 

Assigning a Job Role Framework to the Job Post creates candidate profiling during the application process.

After the CV is uploaded, the candidate completes the pre-screen and uploads evidence on skills, compliance, vaccinations and credentials.

Data is stored in personal Workforce Wallets & the profiling analytics is presented in dynamic Candidate Pipelines.


Source with the Talent Referral Program

A key feature of the PowerHouse Talent Communities is the inbuilt Community Referral Program. Communities can be easily shared across social media platforms and our referral bots can be licensed to amplify referrals through Facebook Messenger.

Add your own incentive program and reward your people and community network who provide referrals of prospective candidates.

Referrals are a powerful tool to build pools of prospective workers, and the Community Referral Program tracks the workflow of referred candidates and manages the referral incentive plan.


We connect you with our talent network

Subscribing to our Talent Marketplace, connects you with our network. Our partners source pre-screened candidates from universities, training colleges, immigration pathways and direct recruitment.  

By joining to our Talent Marketplace, the job posts in your Talent Community are shared across our network to provide you with pre-screened candidates that match your job.

PowerHouse Workforce provides a new way to find talent. Your job post can be shared in public job boards, published in targeted Talent Communities and positioned with our Talent Marketplace. All candidates stream to a single Candidate Pipeline for the job to streamline selection.  


Can't find staff? Join our Talent Marketplace.

We Create – harnessing people and technology to build pools of talent exclusively for your organisation.

We Curate – with partners, we proactively manage pools of talent using our advanced tech to screen, assess, onboard and manage your talent pools. 

We Place – you access our talent through a gateway in your Talent Community. Assess our talent in your Candidate Pipelines and placement fees apply to successful candidates.


Source in our Contingent Workforce Marketplace

As part of our Talent Marketplace, we can offer pre-screened and work-ready contractors in our Contingent Workforce Marketplace.

Create your own private list of contractors and we manage shift management, availability and payroll and billing.

Through our talent community partner network we can provide compliant contractors ready for work. 


Source seamlessly through your Job Boards

The PowerHouse Talent Community includes the ability for you to post jobs to your selected job boards. We offer seamless integration to your job boards to all your hiring managers to post a single job to one or multiple job boards, a selection of your private talent pools and your public talent pools.

The power of our platform is that all candidates and discovered applicants are channelled into the single job post and are ranked as total group or ranked within their talent pool or job board.

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