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Performance Driven Job Role Skilling and Agility

Powerhouse Workforce propels organisational agility in your business with personalised career pathways for your teams. Continuous development drives compliance and skilling agility.

Personalised upskilling programs produce workforce insights and data analytics for your managers to deliver productive teams. 

We empower your organisational agility with personalised and responsive career pathways for your staff.

Continuous upskilling with career pathways to drive productivity.

Responsive Workforce Insights

Workforce Insight data on mental wellness, sentiment, job satisfaction & retention.

Compliance and Skilling Agility

Drive productivity and agility with job role skilling and compliance data.

360 Appraisal Workflows

View real-time workforce analytics as part of a 360 appraisal workflow.

Personalised Career Pathways

Promote personalised career pathways to energise your organisational agility.


Accelerating job skills and productivity

PowerHouse Workforce provides scaffolding for your staff to support the development of new skills for their job role.  

Job role skills are presented in three areas: self-assessment, verified skills and knowledge-based skills. The knowledge-based skills are tagged to online courses and micro-credentials that relate to a skill.

The acquisition of new skills is critical in ensuring your staff are productive in job roles and team-based projects.

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Responding to skills gaps in your business

Frameworks can be published for your job roles, strategic projects and Gig work. Assigning frameworks to your staff’s Workforce Wallets produces a real-time skills gap analysis.

The skills gap analysis is published and updated for all of your workers and your executive team can view aggregated skills data analytics across the business and view current and trending data.

PowerHouse Workforce addresses the skills gap analysis with the build of personalised skilling programs so that your team complete training to address the gaps.

Your skilling data can be searched and the aligned talent in your team will be automatically discovered for new job roles or when implementing projects across your business.


Workforce analytics to support your appraisals

With PowerHouse, Workforce Wallets are produced for all of your employees and contractors. The wallets record all workforce data in real-time which is accessed by the worker and your managers. 

The data presented in the Workforce Wallets is invaluable during your performance reviews and appraisals. The platform also provides appraisal workflows to capture data from the worker, colleagues and managers for 360 reviews.

Workforce Wallets includes a skills gap analysis for each assigned framework, a real-time compliance profile, an assessment of mental wellness elements, a retention assessment with sentiment and job satisfaction scores. 

Job Role Performance
Montoring and validating compliance


Continuous compliance monitoring & validation

Understanding, applying and validating a compliant workforce has never been more important for business.

PowerHouse Workforce allows businesses to drive compliance to a granular level by assigning compliance elements to each job role and project. Meeting compliance requirements is achieved with ensuring all workers assume responsibility for their own job role compliance.

Workers receive alerts from the platform when to upload or renew their compliance records in their Workforce Wallets.

Manager Dashboards allow team leaders to view and support workers with their compliance and the workforce data analytics displays the compliance status of all workers on one screen.

Senior Administrators can view whole of company compliance and skilling data feeds. This organisational agility is essential to have access to workforce data and trending analytics to help with decision making and implementing intervention projects.


Be connected & respond to your workforce

While the Workforce Wallets provide real-time data on your workers’ compliance and skilling frameworks, there is a third critical data set in your workforce analytics – personal workforce insights.

Personal Workforce Insights is a PowerHouse Module that features libraries of surveys and dynamic visual reports that display critical information on each worker.

The Workforce Insight Libraries include mental wellness, retention profiling, net promoter scores, employer satisfaction, job role sentiment check, exit interviews and more.

The Workforce Insights are presented as surveys on the worker dashboards and data is collected daily, weekly and monthly. Workers are monitored on their positivity and managers and specialist staff receive alerts for workers at risk.

Managers can view aggregated data on all team members and senior executive can observe trending data on all departments.

workforce insights


Agile career planning with opportunities

Employees can complete the skilling for their current role and they can also subscribe to additional job roles. They can independently develop these skills to access additional career opportunities.

Providing opportunities for your staff to drive their own career planning, while also encouraging them to take on new roles and projects will drive long-term employability.

PowerHouse Workforce provides the platform for your business to promote agile internal talent mobility.

In addition to create job role frameworks, launch all new projects with their own framework of aligned skills and compliance. Post the project frameworks to your internal Talent Pools and discover talent in your team which will in turn provide new opportunities for your workforce.

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